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A Reputable Supplier of Barcode Labels in Dubai

You can run your business operations smoothly using barcode labels. It is a kind of label that encodes unique information. So, when you scan a barcode, it instantly fetches the relevant product details from a database. At Cardsandbeyond, we offer high-quality barcode labels in the UAE. You can get both plain and pre-printed barcode labels from us.

Barcode labels and thermal transfer ribbons at discounted prices in Dubai.
Whether you need barcode labels for retail, healthcare, logistics, or any other industry, We can create labels that perfectly fit your needs. Our barcode labels are durable, readable, and made of top-quality materials. Contact us at +971551189793 anytime for more information. We are always ready to assist you.

Get Custom and affordable Barcode Labels From us

Our company offers barcodes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can order custom barcode labels designed to your specifications. We have advanced printing technology. It helps us to offer you ready-to-use codes within a short period. We provide various barcode printer options, including:
  • Thermal Transfer (different thermal transfer ribbons available)
  • Direct Thermal and laser printing
Our company can help you choose the best printing solutions. All you need to tell us about your needs and goals. We can provide a custom barcode solution in the Middle East or Africa.

Warehouse & Logistics Labels

The industry heavily relies on barcode labels for efficient product traceability. We offer customized barcode labeling solutions for machinery, raw materials, equipment, supplies, racks, bins, packages, and more


We provide tailored shipping and SKU label solutions for platforms like Amazon and Noon. Our solutions are available for online businesses, super shops, shoes, accessories, apparel, and more.

Jewelry & Optical Labels

We offer specialized tags that are resistant to water and chemicals. Besides, the labels contain vast information to make things easier for the customers. The quality labels ensure durability and come with security features like void markings.

Manufacturing & Industrial Labels

Our rugged labels withstand extreme industrial conditions, including abrasion, moisture, and chemical exposure. It helps for tracking inventory and equipment.

Chemical & Hazardous Substances Labels

Weprovide compliant barcode label printing services for chemical and hazardous materials. You can get moisture and solvent-resistant options with clear markings for safety.

Food & Beverage Labels

You can order tailored labels for food and beverage products from us. Ensure product safety and compliance with organic labels for bottles, shrink sleeves, freezer labels, and more.

Retail Labels

Any business can enhance brand visibility and streamline label production. We offer plain labels, apparel tags, and customized barcode labels for retail stores, supermarkets, and e-commerce companies.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Labels

Do you need high-standard barcode labels for hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories? We ensure durability under various conditions like refrigeration and sunlight exposure.

Meet Your Unique Labeling Requirements

We ensure quality control on every label. Our company believes in building long-term relationships with our clients. We provide solutions for you according to your business needs. Besides, our company is committed to offering competitive pricing on all our products and services. We aim to provide high-quality barcode solutions that deliver excellent value for your investment.