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A handheld device is a pocket computing device that has an input/output interface similar to an external or touch screen keyboard and a display screen. Based on this definition of portable devices and gadgets, many devices such as cell phones, PDAs, mobile PCs, handheld game consoles, etc. can be referred to as portable.

What are Handheld Devices and Gadgets?
The handheld device has become the craze of the new millennium and it’s hard to find a person today who doesn’t have one or another pocket gadget in their hand (a pocket if you’d prefer).

So what is a portable device?
Simply put, a handheld device is a pocket-sized computing device with a display screen and input/output interface like an external or touch screen keyboard. Going by this definition of handheld devices and gadgets many appliances can qualify to be called handheld, like a mobile phone, PDA, mobile PC, handheld game consoles and so on.



Various popular handheld devices include:

Benefits of Handheld Devices and Gadgets

  • Office on the go: Today’s handheld devices like smartphones and PDAs enable you to literally take your office with you. You can send and receive emails, browse the net wirelessly at 3G speeds, access secure office files through VPNs, edit files and much more on your handheld mobiles. Thus, you are no longer limited by either size or mobility to increase your productivity.
  • High Convenience: Isn’t it far more convenient to just store a quick note on your PDA instead of rushing to your home and accessing your bulk of a machine? Today’s handheld devices can do all the functions that your traditional computer can do, and more. Modern smartphones like the iPhone have built-in GPS navigation services that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.
  • A new form of entertainment: As technology and the power of computers have advanced and evolved into smaller and smaller devices, new forms of entertainment have also emerged. Today, people don’t just watch movies on TV or in theatres, they can use their widescreen laptops and mobile phones to deliver digital quality with Dolby surround sound and enjoy entertainment on the go. of course. Similarly, Nintendo and PSP have provided non-stop action to avid gamers. Overcome communication barriers. Previously, regular mail was the only way to stay in touch with friends, loved ones and, in many cases, business associates. Anymore. Myriad forms of communication devices and tools appear almost daily, completely breaking down barriers to communication. Today, you can sit on a bus, tweet your status from your mobile, or book a train ticket from your mobile. Chatting in real time on fancy handhelds and gadgets is also possible. No place to hide yourself now.
  • The Future of Handheld Devices: With handheld devices scaling new heights of popularity everyday and becoming almost indispensable in our busy lives, it is certainly worth asking, where are these handheld gizmos headed for? While some take the line that we may have an all integrated device in the future that serves all our purposes equally well, others beg to disagree. Prominent among these is Nokia VP Tim Eckersley, who says that no single device would dominate the humongous handheld market. Rather the honours would be evenly shared between three device types, data-centric, voice-centric and the hybrid PDA type handheld devices. So hold on tight and don’t fall. The trip will be exciting.