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Cloud Application for Reading Passport, Identity Document from Mobile
Cloud Application for Reading Passport, Identity Document from Mobile

ID, Passport Reading Software

Discover how cloud-based software with OCR can efficiently process images, read data, handle MRZ, and push information to APIs. This technology is available for Android, iOS, tablets, and MAC book devices, ensuring fast and accurate results while minimizing errors. Cardsandbeyond offers customizable OCR ID scan software that is flexible, user-friendly, and compatible with Android and iOS. Save time and streamline your operations in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, and Africa with our efficient software solution.

Features Of OCR ID Scan Software

  • OCR ID Scan is a cloud-based document processing software that securely reads identity data from various government IDs and employee IDs, saving time and ensuring data security.
  • OCR ID Scan technology offers a cost-efficient solution to extract information from photos, avoiding the need for expensive passport scanners or smart card readers.
  • Our cloud-based solution is capable of accepting and integrating all international identity documents, making it a versatile and convenient option for various industries. 
  • Identity documents contain valuable information that can be securely encrypted and utilized in various applications like badge printing, APIs, and visitor management systems (VMS) to enhance security and efficiency.