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Visitor Management

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is to track people entering and leaving the premises.

Whether your company has a manager or a front desk, you should view visitor management as a great opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Example: If your organization is known for outstanding customer service and innovation, the last thing visitors expect is to log in on a paper in the lobby.

It’s not about “managing” your visitors, it’s about leaving a good impression of your business.

People management: because business meetings are people meetings.

It’s a chance for you to align the way you welcome visitors into your building, with your company values.


What are the different types of visitors?

On any given business day, your visitors can be categorized but not limited to:


  • Business meeting attendees
  • Candidates for job interviews
  • Messengers or delivery people
  • Contractors or vendors
  • Auditors or regulatory professionals
  • Unexpected drop-ins
  • During the global health crisis, the safest policy to adopt may be one in which everyone is a visitor.


This includes not only the categories of individuals mentioned above but also regular employees – particularly given that the same people may not be showing up at the office every day due to work-from-home and hybrid work situations.

To maintain safe social distance, follow advice from health professionals, and ensure everyone has a place to work, many companies find it helpful to treat employees as frequent visitors and monitor their presence on premises . are considered accordingly.

Nonetheless, the company dictates the type of visitors it expects, which will largely depend on their needs. 


What is a Visitor Management System (VMS)?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to a meeting or two at someone’s office. Or, you may have been looking for a job recently and have been lobbying for a company.

We hope you will make pleasant memories of these visits. How you were welcomed and how you felt safe and welcome during your stay as part of your business.

Most likely there was a system in place that made the visitor experience positive.

A visitor management system is all the processes and activities an organization puts in place to manage the flow of visitors end-to-end as part of the bigger picture: the visitor experience.