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Fargo Card Printers

Fargo by HID offers reliable card printers with direct-to-card print capabilities in a range of prices – from the affordable DTC1500xe Printer to the high-security DTC4500e, with the mid-range DTC4250e in between. For even more security and power, the Fargo HDP5000 is a high-definition retransfer printer.

Fargo printing machines will have a variety of ID card options available to their card holders.

  • High Coercivity (HiCo) Magnetic Stripe

    – These more secure magnetic stripes store more information than standard, Low Coercivity (LoCo) stripes, permitting the exchange of information. The stronger magnetic stripe can withstand more wear and tear better and are less likely to be impacted by contact with magnets.

  • Smart Chip/Smart Card

    – Smart chip cards look like normal ID cards, except they have a small chip embedded in the front. This type of encoding provides the most flexibility with the amount and type of data stored on the card. These cards are great for data information and storage and multifunctional ID programs.

  • RFID/Contactless Smart Card

    – These cards work much like smart cards, except they communicate information through an antenna embedded in the card, and do not require contact with a reader to exchange relevant passenger information.


Whether you are purchasing a new printer for your card program or your organisation is looking to start a card program, Fargo has an excellent line of high quality badge printers to meet the needs of small, medium and large organisations. Start your card printing software easily with Fargo’s complete badge printing system.

Fargo offers a range of ID card printers to meet all your needs. From entry-level card printers to highly secure card laminating printers, find out which Fargo ID printer is right for your needs.

  • Fargo C50:

    A low-cost entry solution for high-quality badge printing.

  • Fargo Ink1000:

    Ultra reliable single-sided inkjet printer offers simplicity and affordability, brilliant images, unmatched ease-of-use, low maintenance, and a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than most card printers in the industry.

  • Fargo DTC1250e:

    Replaces Fargo DTC 1000. Ideal for small-to-medium businesses in need of a reliable and fast solution to print high-quality ID cards on demand.

  • Fargo DTC1500:

    Single- or double-sided direct-to-card printing/encoding, single-sided lamination, and a built-in, custom watermark overlay function for security images and resin-scramble data protection making duplication impossible, all at low cost.

  • Fargo DTC4250e:

    Replaces Fargo DTC 4000.

Available in single or double sided, the Fargo ID printer provides secure credentials for any application.

  • Fargo DTC4500e:

    Replaces the Fargo DTC 4500. Available in single- or double-sided models, the Fargo DTC 4500e ID card printer is equipped with security features for maximum card security.

  • Fargo HDP5000:

    Get unmatched print quality with the Fargo ID card retransfer printer. Coding and lamination options are available.

  • Fargo DTC5500lmx:

    Premium direct-to-card printing and the quickest, most cost-efficient and wasteless lamination solution available; provides reliable, high-volume secure-card production at an ultra-low cost-per-card without sacrificing quality. A complete printer and lamination solution.

  • Fargo HDP5600:

    Retransfer printer and encoder uses proven 5th-generation HDP technology and offers several card-encoding options and the highest printing resolution available for those who need to routinely issue high-definition ID cards.

  • Fargo HDP6600:

    Single- or dual-sided retransfer printer and encoder offers flawless highest-resolution images, several card-encoding options, and innovative features/options not available elsewhere. With unprecedented speeds, it’s the most advanced, efficient and the fastest, desktop-based retransfer printer available today.

  • Fargo HDP8500

    : Designed for high-volume, high-security applications, the Fargo HDP8500 combines the benefits of a retransfer printer with modern features such as dual input trays or card sorters.

Fargo DTC4500e

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Fargo HDP5000

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