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What is the Scanner? 

A scanner is an electrical device that reads documents such as photos and text pages and converts them into digital signals. It uses software applications to modify documents into a format that can be viewed or modified on a computer system. There are different types of scanners on the market with different resolutions.

Most scanners are flatbed devices used primarily for scanning magazines, photos, and numerous documents, so the scanning surface is flat. Most flatbed scanners also have a flip-up lid so you can scan books and other heavy items.

Sheet-feed scanners are another type of scanner that can only accept paper documents. Sheet-feed scanners cannot scan a book, but some models include an automatic document feeder (ADF) that can scan different pages in sequence.

The scanner interacts with computer applications to perform tasks. Scanner data is imported into these applications. Most scanners include basic scanning software that allows users to set up, launch and import scans.

The scanner can also directly import scanned images through various software. The software does this by searching for plug-ins installed on your computer. For example, if the scanner plug-in for Adobe Photoshop is installed, users can create new photos directly from the connected scanner.

Some programs, such as OmniPage and Acrobat, can identify scanned text, but you can also edit scanned images in Photoshop. This is done using a technique called Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Scanning software with optical character recognition has the ability to convert scanned text documents into digital text in a format that can be viewed and edited by a word processor. Some OCR programs have the ability to capture page and text formatting, allowing you to create electronic copies of physical documents. Scanning is also the most reliable and economical image delivery method in the world of electronic data transmission.

A scanner is an input device that captures documents such as photos and text. 

There are basically three types of scanners.

Drum Scanner: In the drum scanner, light from a scanned object is split into separate red, blue, and green beams to create an optically accurate image.

Flatbed Scanner: In this type of scanner, the object to be scanned is placed upside down on a brightly lit glass window.

Handheld Scanner: A handheld device that moves over the image surface being scanned.