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Just as the fingerprint, face and palm impression of an individual remains stable during their lifetime, a person’s iris pattern also persists to be exactly similar throughout his life. Iris recognition technology proves to be a secure, reliable and error-free verification process amongst all biometric verification methods. Consequently, the iris security system is regarded as the most trusted approach of recognizing an individual taking into account the human retina.The iris recognition biometric solution utilises cutting-edge biometric technology that renders intense security solution with profound accuracy.


The applicability of iris recognition biometric technology is not only restricted to the security concerns but also pertinent to be applicable in various sectors.

The major applications of biometric iris recognition technology involve restricting unauthorised access in the facilities, immigration at the airports, hospitals and clinics, border control system, to unlock various devices and smartphones, aviation security, various government schemes, and many more.


Mantra’s biometric iris scanner devices contain high resolution cameras to obtain the images of a person’s irises for an efficient identification process. Our contactless retina scanner is renowned for its accuracy, ruggedness and speed that can be efficiently operated for a longer range providing solutions offering modal quality.


Iris recognition or iris scanning is the process of using visible and near-infrared light to take a high-contrast photograph of a person’s iris. It is a form of biometric technology in the same category as face recognition and fingerprinting.


Characteristics of iris recognition


  • Very accurate and fast iris recognition boasts the highest accuracy among various biometric authentication technologies.
  • is the same throughout life. (This is not a guarantee.)
  • Since the iris of the left eye and the right eye are different, each eye can be recognized separately.
  • Can distinguish twins.
  • Even if you are wearing a hat, mask, goggles, gloves, etc., you can use iris recognition as long as your eyes are open. Using the
  • infrared camera recognition is possible even at night or in dark places. Contactless authentication is possible without touching the
  • device, so it can be used hygienically.