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                            IDMEA ACCESS CONTROL

All around the world, our access control solutions deliver an unrivaled user experience for managing both physical and digital identities. As a global leader in identity solutions, IDEMIA offers a complete range of solutions, from classical badges for physical and logical access control to innovative biometric devices.

Approved individuals benefit from a frictionless user experience to access secure areas which enable organizations to increase workforce management efficiency. Our offer integrates outstanding features such as contactless fingerprint and 3D facial recognition or video analytics. Some of the most advanced and prestigious buildings in the world are using our products.

Verifying identities in the public and private sectors

Biometrics are by far the most convenient and reliable means to identify and authenticate individuals. We harness our expertise in government-grade biometrics and cutting-edge data capture to serve the needs of our clients for public security, border control, civil enrollment, or customer onboarding and authentication—the list goes on.

IDEMIA’s innovative biometric terminals guarantee approved individuals frictionless access to secured areas. Whether used alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked, indoor or outdoor, our biometric access solutions are designed to be modular. IDEMIA’s biometric time clocks provide accurate clock-in and clock-out records enabling organizations to increase workforce management efficiency.

Managing the access control of a building is essential in guaranteeing the security of people, sensitive assets, and data. Physical access control is the management of entry to physical space within the business or organization including rooms, buildings, and physical IT assets. In addition, physical access control solutions can keep track of who is coming and going in restricted areas, keeping assets safe and secure.

IDEMIA offers many physical access control solutions enabling authorized employees access to the company premises with a simple badge, a more sophisticated smart card, or with a mobile phone or other security devices.

Smart cards are highly secure and scalable credentials enabling simple authentication without passwords.

It supports a variety of use cases and provides flexibility as enterprises adopt a hybrid work environment for geographically dispersed teams.

Our range of solutions supports contactless industry standards focused on 13.56 MHz RF technology. IDEMIA biometric sensors and card matching options that support smart card technology can also be connected to enhance security.