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Security is crucial to any office or facility, every building needs a way to keep the space safe, and most organizations also need to restrict access to certain areas. Anviz is the first access control company to make use of biometrics-based, RFID cards, mobile access technology, and specialized hardware to achieve space safety goals. The powerful security features with a convenient and flexible system provide office efficiency for enterprises small and large.

More and more companies are deciding to replace time sheets and time clocks with automated time recording systems- and benefit from accurate labor costs and employee satisfaction. Automated time and attendance solutions can reduce your manual — and error-prone — data entry and improve accuracy.

After evaluating several systems based on a variety of factors including cost, ease of use, integration options, and useful features, we launched Anviz CrossChex Standard and CrossChex Cloud. 

The Anviz T&A solution not only provides an easy way to simplify time and attendance management but also provides a smoother way to plan. Managers and employees use the mobile app or web app to set up schedules and see time spent on actual tasks.

Now everyone has a smartphone. CrossChex Mobile turns your phone into a key and unlocks and opens doors with a single click.

Smarter IT or HR

CrossChex Mobile allows you to register and manage employees with just a few clicks and set up your terminal in minutes from your phone.

Use your phone as a key. 

Using the Anviz Control Protocol (ACP).

 All data exchange between the device and smartphone is securely encrypted, eliminating the possibility of data hacking.


For small businesses and locations, CrossChex Mobile saves investments in servers, software, and human resources management. And with a wireless solution, you don’t have to worry about complicated cabling and high costs.



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